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Top 10 Best Video Game Kunoichi of All-Time!

After making a list highlighting the best ninjas in gaming, it became apparent that a separate list focusing entirely on kunoichi would be appropriate too given how prevalent they are in the medium. Kunoichi are essentially female ninjas who are masters of assassination, espionage, and other martial arts. Generally speaking, kunoichi are more agile than their male counterparts and a heck of a lot sexier. Deception is an important skill for a kunoichi to have, and their good looks can be very powerful weapons in the right circumstance.


Ibuki 10
Street Fighter Series

Ibuki was raised in a secluded village populated entirely by ninjas. She trained in deadly ninja arts since childhood, but yearns for the life of a normal school girl. Despite growing up away from the watchful eyes of society, Ibuki is a regular teenage girl. She evaluates her opponents based not only on their fighting ability, but also on their looks, behavior, and fashion sense. She wants to make friends with cool people and her primary goal in life is to meet cute boys. She's an advanced user of ninjutsu and characterized by her speed and agility, but she dislikes the uptight way of the ninja. It becomes routine for Ibuki to sneak away from training camps to spread her wings as a social butterfly. Her superficial, boy-crazy personality borders on the annoying, but she's still an elite kunoichi. Her pet raccoon dog is pretty cool, too.


Jade 9
Mortal Kombat Series

The Mortal Kombat franchise was built on a foundation of pallet-swapped ninjas, but Jade is the most exotic and alluring of the bunch. She worked as a personal assassin for Emperor Shao Kahn alongside fellow ninjas, Kitana and Mileena. When Kitana switched allegiances, however, Jade was ordered to kill her. Jade was a devoted friend of Kitana's, so she decided to align with her gal pal against the Emperor. Jade does not believe in blind loyalty, and you really don't want to get on her bad side. In battle, Jade is extremely fast and is completely immune to projectile attacks. The caramel-skinned beauty can also disappear in clouds of green smoke, decapitate rivals with razor-sharp boomerangs, or viciously ram her metal staff into an opponent's crotch. I told you you didn't want to get on her bad side.


Kunoichi 8
The Ninja Warriors Series

The Ninja Warriors is a precautionary (and realistic) tale of a dystopian future where scientists are forced to create cyborg ninjas to revolt against an oppressive government. Although there are three cyborg ninjas in the series, Kunoichi is easily the most balanced with respect to her abilities. She also deserves credit for actually making an effort to conceal her robotic identity. Her partners look like walking scraps of metal, but Kunoichi has the appearance of a beautiful young woman. The illusion is shattered once she starts throwing motorcycles around like rag dolls, but it will be hard for her targets to report her when they're dead! She arms herself with kunai and shurikens, and has a wide repertoire of moves to draw from. Her patented wall jump is especially useful, and she can even leap off of enemies after kicking them in their faces.


Kunimitsu 7
Tekken Series

Kunimitsu was a member of the Manji Clan of ninja bandits, but was expelled by the leader, Yoshimitsu, after she was caught stealing for her own self interest. The "Devil Cat" continued stealing after her exile, and even made an attempt to take an ancient sword that was in Yoshimitsu's possession. After being featured in the first two Tekken games, Kunimitsu never made another canonical appearance in the series. She lost her identity when she initially joined the Manji Clan, she is never seen without her Kitsune mask, and she spent years training in the art of stealth. It's somehow fitting that she disappeared completely after Tekken 2. Kunimitsu is still regarded as the fastest and most agile fighter in the entire series, and her gymnastic maneuvers easily make up for what she lacks in strength.


Izuna 6
Izuna Series

Izuna was born and raised as a kunoichi, but found herself out of work when their old master decided that ninjas were obsolete and booted them from his castle. Izuna was stubborn and hard-headed, so she refused to abandon her ninja ways and ventured to remote villages in search of work. After accidently offending the gods, Izuna had to find a way to lift a curse that she had inadvertently caused. As she fought to bring harmony back to the land, Izuna armed herself with swords, claws, shurikens, smoke bombs, caltrops, and a number of magical talismans. Izuna is lazy, self-centered, and has no common sense, but she deflects all criticism with her inflated ego. She'd rather talk about her full figure than acknowledge any of her flaws. Izuna even described her game as "a dungeon RPG strong enough for a man... but played as a hot chick!"


Mai Shiranui 5
King of Fighters Series

Mai is a cheerful ninja who spends most her time mastering stealth techniques and turning down marriage proposals. Widely considered to be the hottest SNK girl, Mai has been a fan favorite since making her first appearance in Fatal Fury 2. She can manipulate fire, project shadow images of herself, and retrieve and hidden weapons from her ample cleavage. She's also a master of disguise and can change her clothes with a single gesture. Mai was bouncing around years before "jiggle physics" were a thing, and her animations were so hot that they had to be stilled in international releases of some of her games. Some might view her trademark bounciness as superficial or gratuitous, but her bust line is a useful asset in her line of work. Using sensuality to catch unassuming targets off guard is a time-honored tradition for kunoichi.


Taki 4
SoulCalibur Series

A staple of the SoulCalibur franchise from the very beginning, Taki is known for her speed, agility, and acrobatic movements. She's a master when it comes to lightning fast combos and close-quarter combat, and she had the foresight to pass her wisdom down to a young fighter named Natsu who eventually took her place in SoulCalibur V. In addition to her ninjutsu skills, Taki is also known for having ridiculously large boobs. Unlike some female video game ninjas, she at least makes an effort to cover them up. She's not entirely successful in this regard, but I'd like to see you try to hide those things. Taki is an established demon huntress, spy, and blacksmith. But, really, the fact that she can even move with those things in front of her is an accomplishment in itself and as impressive as any martial arts technique.


Ayane 3
Dead or Alive Series

Ayane is an expert in ninjutsu, but she doesn't exactly look the part. Ninjas are supposed to be masters of stealth, but it would be hard not to notice a girl like Ayane. "Purple hair and huge tits" isn't exactly a combination that people are likely to ignore. She somehow makes things work, and her deadly fighting style has earned her the nickname "Female Tengu." When her older sister, Kasumi, left their clan without permission, Ayane was ordered to track down and kill her in order to ensure the clan’s secrecy. Ayane resented Kasumi for leaving, and her cynicism increased with every failed attempt on her life. Ayane seemed destined to live in her sister's shadow, but her appearances in the Ninja Gaiden series put a spotlight on her abilities and personality. Her popularity now rivals Kasumi's.


Ayame 2
Tenchu Series

After her village was devastated by warfare, Ayame was left in desolation. Master Shiunsai came across the girl, but was unable to locate her parents. Shiunsai could not bare to leave the girl alone, so he took it upon himself to train her. Ayame was blessed with raw talent and natural curiosity. Unfortunately, she had a bad attitude and often lacked the patience to master new techniques. Nevertheless, her natural abilities and desire to improve were enough for her to be initiated into the circle of ninja when she was only 14-years-old. Although Ayame understands the pain of loss, she kills her enemies without any sign of doubt or hesitation. What she lacks in strength, she more than makes up for with speed, acrobatics, and aggression. Her sense of sarcasm is almost as sharp as the blades she wields.


Hinaba 1

Hinaba was born into a legendary ninja clan, but was put up for adoption at a young age and abandoned by her sensei. Working as an agent for the Japanese government, Hinaba was tasked with tracking down her former master, eliminating members of an underground crime syndicate, and retrieving shards of Akujiki. (Incidentally, Akujiki was once wielded by Hotsuma – the star of the 2002 remake of Shinobi.) With a chip on her shoulder, Hinaba completed her assignment and located the ancient sword. To prevent her superiors from using the relic as a weapon, Hinaba handed over a fake Akujiki and kept the real one in her possession. So began her life as a rogue ninja. Hinaba's striking visual appearance and bright white attire make her a highly visible ninja, but this isn't an issue for her since she pretty much kills anyone she meets.

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