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Top 10 Best Video Game Minions of All-Time!

Whether you call them baddies, flunkies, goons, grunts, lackeys, minions, mooks, pawns, or scrubs, the underlings on this list are usually used as canon fodder. The disposable bad guys listed here are basically the evil counterpart of Star Trek redshirts. Their numbers are vast, but they rarely represent a real threat to the heroes that oppose them.

Waddle Dee


Waddle Dee

Kirby Series

Waddle Dees are among the most harmless enemies in gaming. These carefree creatures are the most common enemy in all of Dream Land, but they pose no real threat to anyone. Kirby can't even copy their abilities because they don't have any! They can hurt you if you run into them, but they basically wander around aimlessly. (They do sometimes use parasols to float down through the skies, however.) There are many variations of Waddle Dees in the Kirby series and some will even assist Kirby in his adventures, but the timid creatures are adorable regardless of their role. Their easygoing nature makes you wonder if they are even capable of malice, and it's unclear if they implicitly support any unpleasant rulers like King Dededee. Either way, the Kirby games just wouldn't be the same without them.




Halo Series

Unggoys are the the lowest-ranking species in the Covenant Empire and are mistreated by almost every higher-ranking race. They are primarily used as laborers or slaves outside of battle and are basically used as cannon fodder in combat situations. Unggoys are easy to kill, tactically inept, and will run away after their leader is defeated. They are expected to do the lion's share of physical work and humans typically refer to them as grunts. What they lack in skill, they make up for in numbers. They attack in groups, and waves of Unggoys are often sent out on battlefield to serve as a distraction. Their pack mentality is basically a coping mechanism that allows them to hold onto their cultural identity in the wake of their planet being ransacked by the Covenant. Either way, battling onslaughts of is easy work for the Spartans of the Halo universe.




Chrono Trigger

Imps bare a striking resemblance to Emperor Pilaf from Dragon Ball, which makes sense given that hey were both designed by Akira Toriyama. Imps are the weakest enemies in Chrono Trigger and are likely to be the first enemy players encounter in the game. Although they are relatively harmless, the Imps are surprisingly intelligent. They can speak perfectly and will even enlist the help of more powerful creatures to assist them in battle. Imps are known to attack in groups and use various battle formations, but they are usually too weak to do any real damage. The main reasons why Imps made this list is due to their obnoxious personalities. The Imps will frequently mock their opponents by sticking out their tongues or pulling their eyelids down. It almost feels like the Imps are breaking the fourth wall and mocking the player.

Medusa Head


Medusa Heads

Castlevania Series

edusa Heads are often listed amongst the most annoying video game enemies. They're relentless, their ranks never thin out, and they can easily send vampire hunters to their doom by knocking them off platforms. Truthfully, there were enemies in the Castlevania series that are a lot more annoying. (Including fleamen that jump around erratically and imps that can take control of your character momentarily.) The Medusa Heads follow very predictable wavelength patterns, and it's easy to anticipate their movement. Since they fly in from the edge of the screen, you are given ample time to prepare yourself. Once you get in rhythm with their flight pattern, dodging them almost feels musical. Their appearance on this list is bound to be controversial, but there is no doubt that they are the most iconic minions of the Castlevania series.




Mega Man Series

We were introduced to Mets in the very first Mega Man game and they have been a staple in the series ever since. They are basically walking hard hats, and they are known to shield themselves with their nearly indestructible helmets. There have been a few variations on the classic Met design (including a couple of oversized mini-bosses), but they never stray too far from their initial design. They've appeared in every classic Mega Man game and have also been featured in Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Star Force. Incidentally, their design has stood the test of time. Mega Man himself has undergone significant changes from one generation to the next, but the Mets are basically the same as they have always been. I guess there's no sense in fixing something that's not broken.




Disgaea Series

Despite their small stature and adorable appearance, Prinnies are dangerous creatures known to attack with knives, bombs, and other weapons carried in their pouches. They are also highly explosive and can be used as projectile weapons. You can't feel too bad for them though. Most of them were humans whose souls were sewn into bodies of Prinnies upon their death as punishment for their sinful lives. Although Prinnies are often used as canon fodder, they are surprisingly upbeat. Most Prinnies are under the control of a sassy devil girl named Etna who is downright abusive at times. Prinies were given their own series of games on the PSP, but were tasked with senseless missions like finding ingredients for cake or pursuing a pair of Etna's stolen panties. Etna constantly threatens to kill them if they fail, but the Prinnies are loyal to a fault.




Mario Series

Goombas are brown mushroom-like creatures who have defected from the Mushroom Kingdom and joined Bowser. Many variations of Goombas have been seen over the years (including flying Goombas and miniature Goombas), but the coolest Goombas bounce around in oversized shoes. Goombas can typically be defeated simply by stomping on them, but the Super Mario World variety was a little more resilient. I debated over whether or not to include Goombas or Koopa Troopas on this list. Koopas are undoubtedly more complex enemies, and the ability to use their shells as tools of destruction has helped define the Mario franchise. Goombas, on the other hand, are more simplistic. They are the first enemy you encounter in Super Mario Bros. and the easiest enemy to defeat. This ultimately makes them more ideal for this list.

Shy Guy


Shy Guy

Mario Series

We've seen many varieties of Shy Guys, but they are typically known for their colorful robes and prominent masks. It might seem unfair to include two mooks from the Mario universe on this list, but Shy Guys were first seen in a game that had nothing to do with Mario. Doki Doki Panic was an Arabian-themed platformer that Nintendo developed as a tie-in for Fuji TV's media technology expo. The game was given a facelift and released in the west as Super Mario Bros. 2. Shy Guys have been part of the Mario series ever since, but they existed independently from it for a time. They're more closely associated with spinoffs like Yoshi's Island or Captain Toad than they are with mainline Mario games, but they are an important part of the franchise. In various outings, we've seen Shy Guys race go-karts, compete in tennis matches, and host board games.




Mega Man Legends Series

I allowed both Goombas and Shy Guys to be on this list, so it only seems fair to give both Servbots and Mets a place in the spotlight. (Although Mets have appeared in almost every Mega Man sub-series, they were MIA for the Mega Man Legends franchise when the Servbots burst onto the scene.) A genius name Tron Bonne designed 40 Servbots to act as henchmen for her family of air pirates, and each Servbot was given their own unique personality. Servbot #3 is known for its appetite, Servbot #29 is a neat freak who takes pride in a spotless ship, and Servbot #40 is a total pervert. None of the Servbots seem to realize that they're being used for criminal activities. Whether they're being sent to rob banks or simply causing general commotion, the Servbots happily go about their missions in order to keep Tron Bonne happy.




Dragon Quest Series

Slimes are the first enemies introduced in the Dragon Quest series and have made appearances in every Dragon Quest game to date. They are usually the weakest enemies in the game, but they have become popular enough to be considered the mascots of the franchise. The Slimes have starred in their own spinoff games and have even appeared as a playable character alongside other Square Enix characters in Mario Sports Mix. The merchandising appeal of the Slimes cannot be denied, and their likeness has been used on everything from plush toys to underwear. Those things are everywhere. There's something about their iconic teardrop shape, large eyes, and goofy smile that makes them seem friendly – even if they are technically enemies. The adorable creatures are among the most recognizable symbols in all of gaming.


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