About Blockfort

Why is this website a thing?

As a lifelong gamer, I thought it would be a novel idea for a video game site to be run by someone who actually likes video games. This site aims to highlight cool games, memorable characters, and common tropes that define the medium. Top 10 lists are easy to digest, fun to discuss, and a pleasure to write. I like video games, lists, and video game lists. I guess you could say I'm well-rounded.

Aren't there enough Top 10 sites already?

Sure, but most of them suck. I've noticed many sites implement a "one entry per page" layout in order to artificially increase page views (and ad revenue, by proxy). I hate navigating sites like that, so I vow to keep each of my lists confined to a single page whenever possible. Another issue I've found with other sites is that they often have an pronounced recency bias. Some sites seem to think that gaming didn't exist before the PlayStation 2 generation. This site provides me with an opportunity to take you back to the past and recognize greatness from every era.

Can I suggest a list or make recommendations?

Absolutely! I plan on adding a proper commenting system in the future, but if you'd like to drop me a quick line in the meantime, you can use the feedback form. Any corrections, suggestions, or questions can be submitted in this manner. I'd love to hear from you and might be open to the possibility of guest contributors in the future.

What criteria do you use when making your lists?

There are a few ground rules I follow. I generally only include characters who originated in video games. The website would be pretty pointless if lists were being dominated by the likes of Batman and James Bond. Darth Vader is a movie villain, not a video game villain! I generally only include one character from an established universe on any particular list. I have no qualms in mentioning both Kefka and Sephiroth on the same list, however, since they exist in two completely separate worlds. When listing the best games for a specific platform, I try to avoid mentioning direct ports of games released in earlier generations. These are all loose rules, and I will occasionally bend them.

Why are Nintendo games and characters mentioned so often?

Nintendo has more history than most companies do. They dominated the industry for over a decade before Sony entered the market in a meaningful way, and they remained relevant long after most of their competitors dropped out of the race. Nintendo has been an industry giant for over 30 years, they control many of the most popular franchises in gaming, and they generally manage their IPs with great care. Sega kicked Alex Kidd to the curb and Sony treated Crash Bandicoot like a red-headed stepchild, but Nintendo tends to get more mileage out of their properties.

Why aren't games from western companies mentioned more often?

A lot of western games – RPGs in particular – rely heavily on player-created characters. This allows for more flexibility in some respects and typically gives players more choices, but it also makes it harder to define characters or identify them based on specific tropes.

What should I do if I'm offended by the content on this website?

There is a safety mechanism built into most web browsers that addresses this issue. If you are offended by the content on this website, pressing "Ctrl" and "W" at the same time will rectify the issue. The ability to even is a prerequisite to understanding and enjoying the content on this website. Individuals who "can't even" are strongly encouraged to visit other websites. By using this website, you agree that you can even and confirm steadfast confidence in your ability to even in all circumstances.

Why wasn't my favorite game or character mentioned?

Your favorite game/character was ranked #11 and just missed the cutoff.